Ullswater Yacht Club : #LoveUYC Quiz Answers
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Home > Our Club > #LoveUYC > #LoveUYC Quiz Answers
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Home > Our Club > #LoveUYC > #LoveUYC Quiz Answers

#LoveUYC Quiz Answers

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  • 1.Where was the first UYC race sailed from on July 13, 1958?
  • Howtown. For the first year the club was based on a strip of land rented from the Howtown Hotel.
  • 2.Who is Club President?
    Robin Barratt
  • 3.What mythological animal is on the UYC burgee?
  • Pegasus
  • 4.What is on top of the weather vane in front of the Crown Inn in Pooley Bridge?
    A fish
  • 5.When was it erected?
    2000. The sandstone fish cross is an obelisk structure, with a weather vane on the top. It was placed as a millennium feature and to commemorate the 12th century charter granted to the village of Pooley by King John to hold a fish market in the village square.
  • 6.Name the five Ullswater Steamers. (5 points)
    Raven, Lady of the Lake, Western Belle, Lady Dorothy, Lady Wakefield
  • 7.Which is the oldest steamer?
    Lady of the Lake. Launched on 26th June 1877, believed to be the oldest working passenger vessel in the world. Built near Glasgow, transported in three sections by rail to Penrith and then by horse drays to Waterside near Pooley Bridge, where she was assembled.
  • 8.The River Eamont flows into what river?
    River Eden
  • 9.What is the first name of the current Lord Birkett, grandson of Lord Norman Birkett 'Saviour of Ullswater'?
  • 10.What dessert is the Sharrow Bay Hotel famous for?
    Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • 11.Who wrote the poem that begins: 'I wandered lonely as a cloud'?
    William Wordsworth
  • 12.What is the poem called?
    Daffodils. He is said to have got his inspiration in 1802 from walking along the Western shore of Ullswater near Gowbarrow Park .
  • 13.Name the three islands at the Southern end of the lake. (3 points)
    Norfolk Island, Wall Holm, Cherry Holm
  • 14.What was the name of Donald Campbell's boat in which he set the world water speed record on Ullswater in July 1955?
    Bluebird K7. On 23 July 1955, he achieved a speed of 202.32 mph (325.60 km/h)
  • 15.What is the name of the famous boathouse on the shore near Waterfoot mark?
    Duke of Portland Boathouse
  • 16.What is the Rampsbeck Hotel called now?
    Another Place, The Lake, operated by the company that runs Watergate Bay in Cornwall.
  • 17.What is the name of the 19th century church at the top of the winding road above Howtown?
  • St Peter's Church Martindale
  • 18.What is the name on the ice cream van that comes to the club every Sunday?
  • Abbott Lodge Jersey Ice Cream (Slee's of Winskill till 2017)
  • 19. How many UYC buoys should there be on the lake not counting ODM?
    Sixteen. Thwaite, Sharrow, Bonscale, Ravencragg, Howtown, Halsteads, Oldchurch, Beauthorn, Brunskill, Lodge, Harbour, Waterfoot, Eusemere, Floshgate, Waterside, Bay.
  • 20.What is Peely Slapehold?
    The reef on the west side of the lake near Beauthorn
  • Total 26 points
  • Pictured: Lady of the Lake and Wordsworth's Daffodils
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