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Blokes in a Boat

Tired of watching the kids, wives and partners go off to sail, whilst we are left on the shore? Well we said ‘No more’. We, the blokes, felt we should no longer be confined to fiddling, fixing and fettling the boats of our nearest and dearest. We wanted to sail too! So being a bloke, and seeing the easiest way to sort this, we mercilessly copied the ladies and formed our own club. We have the similar format as the ladies, but where the ladies aim is to make sailing fun, we set about in typical bloke fashion, trying to fix things. If we have fun at the same time then it is purely a coincidence.  Lester Noble, one of most experienced racers, will be on hand to guide those who want to improve their racing knowledge.

The aims are to promote improved confidence for the Ullswater racing programme, in a supportive environment and to grab our rightful share of the sailing prizes on offer during the season. There are nine sessions, dates are in the programme - the first session is from 10am on Saturday, April 28, so please come along and join us. The dates are: April 28, May 19, June 23, July 14, July 28, August 28, Sept 2, Sept 15, October 13.
- Lester (old-bloke instructor)