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UYC POETS (Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday) Series

The POETS Series is a very relaxed and sociable way to race for those who are free on Friday afternoons. We meet on 20 Fridays during the sailing season. In addition to the races we have 3 POETS Suppers in the clubhouse during the season and an annual Dinner and Prizegiving in October.
In July we also have 5 weekdays of racing - called Masters Week.

The POETS race format is as follows:
The races are split into two series. A Points Series comprised of 14 races with 6 to count. Also an Island Series of 5 races with 3 to count.
Masters Week consists of 5 races, with 3 to count.

All races are scored using the RYA NHC (National Handicap for Cruisers) Club system, which adjusts the boats' handicaps after each race. Any combination of sails may be used.
All the dates may be found in the Club Sailing Programme. The first session in 2017 is an informal sail on April 21 with the first race on May 5.
We meet at noon for lunch (bring your own). Hot water is available to make hot drinks.Then a course is set, we sign on and start - normally between 1.30 and 1.40 pm (a 10 minute slot to make it more relaxed)
The Race Box is not used, so participants must time themselves with their own stop watch.
We are responsible for our own safety, as a safety boat is not deployed.

So, if you want a relaxed style of racing and enjoy a bit of socialising - why not come and join us?

Oh, and by the way, we organise a local walk every other Friday morning in the out-of-season period.

For further information please contact:
POET Laureate, John Easterby,