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Planning permission granted for new clubhouse

Planning permission granted for new clubhouse

      The award-winning club, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, was badly hit by the December 2015 floods. Water levels at Ullswater rose three metres, the highest level ever, and UYC’s Lakeland stone and wood clubhouse, opened in 1960, was severely damaged.
Despite being overwhelmed by water, the club opened for sailing at the start of the new season in 2016 and by June that year the clubhouse had been refurbished as a temporary solution using the volunteer efforts of club members.
Members decided that to guarantee the long term future of the club, plans should be drawn up to build a new clubhouse on higher ground on the current site, above the new official flood line. The design of the new clubhouse, by architects Crosby Granger, was submitted to planners earlier this year after extensive consultation with club members, the public and local businesses and organisations.
The design is a wood and stone building with distinctive roofing inspired by the boathouses around the lake and it will be sited on higher ground on the club site overlooking the lake. The planning approval includes a separate race box and an outside training area.
Peter Lewis, UYC Commodore from 2015 to 2017 and now Head of the New Build Team said he was delighted at the planning approval. He said he appreciated the support of the Lake District National Park and that the planner’s report was very complimentary:
“I consider that the standard of design proposed is high and will represent an appropriate and acceptable development that would maintain the character of this part of the lakeshore given its established character. I am satisfied that the development is acceptable in terms of design and appearance and satisfies the requirements of Local Plan policy.”
Peter Lewis said: “On behalf of all the members I would like to thank all my fellow team members and contributors on the New Build Team for their hard work and resilient efforts.”
He added that the club’s efforts to raise funds for the new clubhouse as contributions from members and grants from outside sources will continue and the next stage for his team is to obtain prices for the building project. Members will then be asked at an extraordinary general meeting for their final approval for the scheme to go ahead.
- Sue Giles (19.9.18)

Posted on 19 September 2018 (Archive on 17 October 2018)
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