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Dinghy Park update 21.8.18

Dinghy Park update 21.8.18

This might have happened because: you abandoned your boat at the club a decade ago and now live on a desert island and have forgotten that it and indeed time itself exists; you have just joined the club, brought your boat and have put it where Pam, Terry or I have told you to put it (Thank you for bearing with us while we muddle through); you didn't put the nice blue sticker you were sent with the yearbook on and now you have lost it (Grrrr.); you are an existing member and have just bought the boat and didn't think to ask the committee whether you could bring it to the club in line with the clubs rules or apply for a berth or because it is a canoe, windsurfer, paddleboard etc. and therefore only half a boat. Yadayada.

Last Thursday I checked all the boats in Berths A, S, R, Top car park and some of F. 87 (Yes 87) boats have been given an unidentified boat sticker so far! That leaves the rest of Berths F, J, H, B and C. to go…. [unhappy face]

'And you may ask yourself - How do I work this?'

Don't struggle with this too long and certainly not after the 31 st October when the form closes. It's simple! Make a note of the unidentified boat number and your membership number then access the claim form for unidentified boats by typing this address into your browser or click this link.

You will find posters around the club with a QR code to scan that links to the form. Don't know what that is? Simply ask the nearest child!

The form will close on the last day of October. Unclaimed/Unidentified boats abandoned boats will be corralled over the winter and may be destroyed or sold. 

DO NOT REMOVE THE STICKER from your boat: Ullswater Yacht Club needs that number on your boat. Without it the club can't link the boat to your membership records and determine who the owner is. Boats without a blue sticker or an unidentified boat sticker will not be given priority in the boat park and may be disposed of. If you use the claim form to identify the boat as yours we will have you in our records on file. We will email you before the end of the season regarding the allocation of berths in 2019. The club site is under considerable pressure which will need careful management during the construction of a new clubhouse and we are aware of the need to treat berth holders and especially new members fairly but we do need your co-operation to improve things for everyone.

One last thing. Please just use the forms to communicate over berthing it helps me by compiling everything in one place and I can plan the limited time I have to work on it.

Dinghy Berth Co-ordinator 20/08/2018 
Christian Barnes 

Posted on 21 August 2018 (Archive on 18 September 2018)
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