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Sail Camp 2018

Sail Camp 2018

Sail camp has been held at the award-winning club every year for more than 30 years and has become a ‘must-do’ event for the club’s youngsters and this year’s theme was Superheroes.
They spent the week taking part in the Royal Yachting Association course relevant to their age and ability – from beginners to assistant instructors and were taught by fully qualified RYA instructors, most of them ex-sail campers themselves who have learned at the club and gone on to teach others. “Whilst it wasn't sunny, we had perfect winds to get the kids out on the water,” said organiser Steve Potter.
“All the sail campers were given Superhero names with wristbands to show their various talents. We had our inaugural water netball session with the stage 1 groups, and water pistol superhero training sessions led by Ben. The older groups did stage 4 training and start racing. Congratulations go to Josh and Annabel who are UYC's newest assistant instructors.”
As usual, cake was in abundance with the instructors and helpers developing ever- increasing waistlines. There was the traditional trip to Pooley Bridge for ice cream, and a Friday Regatta and sail camp picnic.
“I think it’s a credit to the young kids and helpers who managed to stay smiling despite a deluge of rain on our way down to the picnic, but thankfully it brightened up for the food,” said Steve.
“Our thanks go to all the volunteers who made the week run so smoothly - from Tracey in the kitchen with her amazing team, to Sue leading front of house, Jackie for the cleaning, Jane and Joanne at the campsite and our thanks to all the instructors and Edmund for once again agreeing to take charge of them.”
The annual sail camp is run entirely by volunteers and the instruction was led by UYC Sailing Development Officer, 23-year-old Edmund Clarke who grew up at the club, attending sail camp, qualifying as an instructor, then a senior instructor and making a career out of teaching sailing.
- Steve Potter


Posted on 15 August 2018 (Archive on 12 September 2018)
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