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Dinghy Berths for 2018

Dinghy Berths for 2018

Successful applicants for dinghy berths in 2018 have been notified by direct mail scheduled to arrive shortly. Transom stickers are being sent out with the 2018 Yearbook. Boats with a permanently stepped mast should display their berth sticker on their mast directly above the point where the cover wraps round it. If this is not suitable it should be stuck to the transom where it can be checked easily. Boats that berth with the mast down should display their sticker on the transom where it can be checked easily.

If you do not have a transom sticker - please do not bring your boat to UYC without making an application and getting a sticker.

The club will be taking action to remove abandoned boats this year and to avoid confusion over disposals it is vital that members co-operate with this request. UYC has limited berth space available - to apply for a berth now please access this form places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. There are currently 20 spaces available. You will need to know your membership number to apply. You will find this on your renewal form.

Abandoned boats -There are 32 dinghies on site some of which we believe are abandoned we are not able to link the boats to a membership. Please use the gallery link below to see pictures taken on the 15 December of the boats whose owners we want to trace. If one of these boats is yours please claim it using the claim form.



Claim Form


Please keep an eye out on club mailings for further information about the disposal of abandoned boats.

Details of all the allocations for dinghy berths and racks for 2018 as well as a 2018 site plan can be found under the Members Area tab on this website.

- Happy Sailing, Christian Barnes, Dinghy Berth Co-ordinator

Posted on 11 January 2018 (Archive on 08 February 2018)
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