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New clubhouse public meeting, Nov 30, 2017

New clubhouse public meeting, Nov 30, 2017

The meeting was held at the Parkin Hall, Pooley Bridge, with the plans on view and a presentation by the Commodore Peter Lewis and club officials were pleased with the turn-out as well as the positive responses of support the proposal received. The award-winning club, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary next year, was badly hit by the 2015 floods. Water levels at Ullswater rose three metres, the highest level ever, and UYC’s Lakeland stone and wood clubhouse, opened in 1960, was severely damaged. Despite being overwhelmed by water, the club opened for sailing at the start of the new season in 2016 and by June that year the damaged clubhouse had been refurbished as a temporary solution using the volunteer efforts of club members.

In January this year members decided that to guarantee the long term future of the club, a new clubhouse should be built on higher ground on the current site, above the official new flood line. The new clubhouse, designed by architects Crosby Granger, is a wood and stone building with distinctive roofing inspired by the boathouses around the lake and it will be sited on higher ground on the club site overlooking the lake.

Commodore Peter Lewis said: “We are delighted to finally have a design for our new clubhouse. It has taken some time because our club is in one of the most beautiful locations in the Lake District. We had to make sure that we satisfied the needs of our current members as well as securing the future of the club and as we are in a National Park our design has to be suitable for our very special surroundings. We will continue to consult with local interested parties in developing a scheme prior to filing a planning application. We are keen to get the input of the broader community before finalising our plans.”

Below: Slides from the Commodore's presentation:










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I was having a look at these proposals as a result of noticing that xcite architecture made a bid for your new club house. We have a similar problem a