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Autumn Nip, October 22

Autumn Nip, October 22

Two Musto Skiffs proved very frisky while still on their trolleys in the gusty 4-6 WSW wind and their helms eventually decided that discretion was the better part of valour and didn't risk putting them in the water. At the start of the race, the Flying Fifteen of John Thornley crewed by Nicola Abbatt and the RS200 helmed by Ethan Dawson took a seamanlike approach to the line rather than a racing one but at the first windward mark, Ethan was in close touch with the Fifteen and looked to be saving his time on handicap. While John chose to hoist his kite in the relative shelter of the windward shore, Ethan bravely took a course out into the big wind in the middle of the lake and was forced to gybe in a particularly vicious gust. He and crew James Abbatt didn't quite pull it off and spent a while swimming. After that the race was largely over with John and Nicola winning.

The second race was started after a short break in a slightly more manageable breeze but again the RS200, after challenging at the first mark, spent a little time upside down and the finishing order was the same. Traditional prizes of a bottle of whisky were awarded to first and second with James, at 14 years old, getting a crystal glass instead of whisky.

The popular five week 'November' Open Series starts on Sunday, October 29. We welcome visitors from other clubs to this series which is sailed as a single handicap fleet with two races every Sunday starting at 11am.
- Jonathan Nicoll

Posted on 24 October 2017 (Archive on 21 November 2017)
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