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Nippers Nip and Radical Rip, Saturday October 7

Nippers Nip and Radical Rip, Saturday October 7

The weather forecast was of winds of 10 knots gusting 30, yet despite this there was great turn-out of racers. Thankfully, the winds eased a little, so the less experienced sailors on stage one and two raced a Laser Stratos with an instructor, stage 3 doubled up, and the older ones raced alone all in single handers.

With expert tuition on hand from the UYC Start Racing team and Matt Smith following in safety boats to coach the sailors, they flew off the start line. It was a closely fought race for the younger group but, as at Sail Camp, Josh Hunter won both races to claim his title, with Freya Wilson and Jess Davidson following close behind, pictured below left. Joss Noble won the under 18s with Louis Simpson second and Alex Potter third, pictured below right.

Once the racing was over, there was an on-land Mr Potato Head game, with Team A winning not one, but TWO packets of Haribos, pictured below. This was probably helped in the fact that Joanne couldn't even find the last two missing bits of Mr Potato Head for team B!

Following prizegiving, everyone tucked into a fantastic meal of spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread and salad served from the kitchen. The parents brought cake and it was like an episode of Bake Off only better, as we got to eat the cakes. So a big thank you to Chris, Jane and everyone else who brought the cakes.

Finally, it was the bit the parents were waiting for and the kids were dreading, the ‘Guess Who's the Baby’ competition. At the end it was great to see all the kids with their respective baby photos all lined up. Very cute us parents all said. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for getting involved in such a fantastic day. From the Start Racing team, to Ian Priestley as OOD proving a great course, to the families coming to support their kids and most of all the youngsters from UYC showing us all how it should be done. See you all in the Spring.
Steve Potter


Posted on 17 October 2017 (Archive on 14 November 2017)
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