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POETS Annual Dinner and Prizegiving

POETS Annual Dinner and Prizegiving

The year started in April with a special 25th anniversary tea on the first Friday of the season, there was a special 25th anniversary race in mid-summer when contestants raced around 25 racing marks, a celebratory ‘dressing overall’ of the boats in September and commemorative booklet by Liz Amos was published to round off the successful season.

The POETS awards were presented by John Easterby and his wife Lesley. They complimented all who had taken part in the races, the most well-supported cruiser event of 2017 at UYC. In the POETS Points Series there were 13 races, but factors such as the lack of wind on many Fridays, or too strong a wind, meant that it was a challenge to sail them all and meant being quite flexible on organising the series this year. The winners with the best 6 results scored only 9 points, a record. All who had taken part, particularly the solo sailors, were congratuated. It was a very closely-fought series. Nine boats qualified out of a total entry of 22 cruisers during the year (also a record).

The three finalists in the Points Series were: 1. Mike and Sue Smith in their Tela day boat, 9 points. 2. John Easterby and Richard Sealby, sailing a Pegasus cruiser, 15 points. 3. Ray Harle and John Wales, sailing a Hunter Europa cruiser, 15 points.

Throughout the POETS season at Ullswater Yacht Club there are six Island races in a series, with competitors using Norfolk Island as the windward mark in a simple windward, leeward course. This year some of the races had to be held in only the north end of Ullswater, due to difficult wind conditions. Nevertheless there were 13 cruisers who competed and of those there were 8 who qualified with at least the minimum of 3 results. It proved to be a closely fought series, with the overall results being almost determined by the positions in the final race.

The overall results were: 1. Keith Hyde (solo) and sometime crew Steve Jury in a Parker 21. 2. John Easterby and Richard Sealby in a Pegasus. 3. David Hansford and Derek Pierce in a Pegasus.

The 25th Anniversary race was won by John Woodcock and his crew Steve Goughan in a Pandora cruiser and he was awarded a special commemorative trophy.

Below, left, Island Series winner Keith Hyde and right, 25th Anniversary Race winner John Woodcock


Posted on 17 October 2017 (Archive on 14 November 2017)
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