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Application for Dinghy Berths 2018 Season

Application for Dinghy Berths 2018 Season

This form will be used to provide information to the membership secretary and to the dinghy berth co-ordinatior regarding berths, fees and insurance. It will also be used to ensure compliance with the club's boat policy (10 August 2017) which can be found in the Members Area on the UYC website. Preference will be given to boats favoured by the policy.
Information submitted on this form will not be used for any other purposes. There are different fees for Racks, Dinghies less than 190 cm wide, Dinghies more than 190 cm wide and Keelboats. Your 2018 fees will be calculated according to the class of your boat.
Please make a separate application for every boat that you want to berth. Before you start you will need your current membership number and basic details about your boat
- Christian Barnes (Dinghy Berth Co-ordinator), 1 October 2017

Dinghy park application form 2018

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