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POETS celebrate 25th anniversary

POETS celebrate 25th anniversary

The POETS (Push Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday) enjoy racing in a relaxed atmosphere on Friday afternoons and their informal sessions, which started in 1992, have become increasingly popular. With a light wind and blue skies, the conditions were ideal for the celebration line-up.

Then the boats took down the flags and got ready to race with nine boats starting on a two lap course. The sailors found that it was hard work in very light conditions to trying to find wind, a little different to the previous week when there was lots of wind and keeping upright was the order of the day.Two boats managed to get clear of the fleet and stayed in front, but not far enough to affect the overall result. One of the slowest boats won on handicap by a good margin, well done Mike and Sue Smith. The top three boats are not normally in this position and the second and third places were taken by single-handed sailors.
Results:  1  M&S Smith, Tela. 2  R O’Connell  Harrier 20.  3  P Shaw Hunter Europa

Posted on 13 September 2017 (Archive on 11 October 2017)
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