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Plaque to Lord Birkett unveiled

Plaque to Lord Birkett unveiled

Richard Inglewood, whose father the first Lord Inglewood, also played a leading role in the campaign to save Ullswater, commented: “Lord Birkett’s powerful speech, deeply felt and eloquent, is rightly considered one of the finest speeches in modern Parliamentary history and saved the lake for all people for all time.”

Miles McInnes, of the Ullswater Preservation Society said: “This is a great David and Goliath story and one which should not be forgotten.” The memorial has been carved out of local slate and is on a popular view point near the pier at Pooley Bridge.

The translation of the inscription is: ‘If you want to remember him, just look around.’ 

Tom Birkett later said he has great affection for the area and fond memories of attending the 50th Lord Birkett event in 2013. He has every intention of returning to Ullswater Yacht Club, if at all possible in 2018.

Left to right, Tom Birkett, Miles McInnes, Ullswater Preservation Society and Richard, Lord Inglewood

- Pauline Thompson (30.8.17)

Posted on 31 August 2017 (Archive on 28 September 2017)
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