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Sail Camp 2017

Sail Camp 2017

Sail camp has been held at the award-winning club every year for more than 30 years and has become a ‘must-do’ event for the club’s youngsters. They spent the week taking part in the Royal Yachting Association course relevant to their age and ability – from beginners to assistant instructors and were taught by fully qualified RYA instructors, most of them ex-sail campers themselves who have learned at the club and gone on to teach others. This year most of the young sailors were relatively new to sailing.

“With average wind speeds of 18.4 knots and gusts just shy of a force 7 on day one, this did not deter any of them, all the groups were out sailing, doing amazingly well “said organiser Steve Potter. “This was set to continue for the week - both weather and amazing sailing from our youngsters.”

This year’s theme was pirates, and there were treasure hunts, water pistols and pirate games. The traditional ice cream trip to Pooley Bridge was a windy session and everyone joined in for picnic down the lake on the Friday. “The sail campers coped very well with the conditions but it did mean some didn't achieve the levels they hoped for,” said Steve.

But he added that many did graduate the week as first class pirates with swords and bandanas to prove it. This year yet again we had excellent food from Tracey and her team, and many thanks to her and all the shore based parents who made it all possible.

For those who are not in the know, there are more cakes made and eaten at sail camp than at Mr Kiplings. Huge thanks go to Edmund Clarke and all of our fabulous instructors who gave their time free to teach the children. Special mentions should go to Kirsty Burton who for the first time in 10 years DIDN'T have an injury at sail camp, and Joss Noble who taught the kids how to fall out of a static rib whilst eating cake! See you all next year.
- Steve and Kathryn Potter

Pictures by Phil Burrage

Posted on 22 August 2017 (Archive on 19 September 2017)
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