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Important announcement about Birkett 2017

Important announcement about Birkett 2017

1. This year entry to the Birkett will be online only through SailRacer with the closing date June 24, 2017, and no entries will be accepted after that date. The entry limit is 230 boats. The opening of entries on the SailRacer website will be publicised on the UYC website, on social media and through the yachting press.

2. For safety and operational reasons the PY limit has been reduced from 1400 to 1340. The unique course of the race, a seven-mile leg to the opposite end of the lake and back, puts extra demands on safety cover, all of which is provided by the many volunteers we rely on every year.

The Birkett race on Saturday last year was held in particularly challenging conditions and of the 230 entries, 81 boats crossed the finishing line, resulting in increased demands on the boats and volunteers who got everyone who could not finish back to the club safely. Race organisers have decided that to ensure the safety of all competitors, the PY limit should be reduced this year.

The club thanks all sailors of boats with PYs above 1340, including Toppers, Mirrors and Open Canoes, for their involvement in the Birkett in the past, and hope they will understand that the safety of all those taking part in the event is our top priority. Prior to this announcement race officials have spoken to representatives of some of the fleets affected to explain the position personally.

Birkett NOR 2017: The event is open to any monohull dinghy or dayboat and to cruisers under 25’6” with a Portsmouth Yardstick Rating below 1340.  Any boat without a recognised / representative Portsmouth Yardstick will be assigned one based on other available data.

Posted on 11 March 2017 (Archive on 08 April 2017)
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